Four Agreements Handout

The book is based on a series of spiritual beliefs, held by Toltec`s seniors, to help readers transform their lives into a new experience of freedom, happiness and love. According to Ruiz, everything a man does is based on agreements he has made with himself, with others, with God and with life itself. 8. The four agreements seem to be common sense. Do you think it is easy or difficult to practice these agreements? Has the practice of one or more of the four agreements changed your life? It`s marked. Recognition of the four agreements includes a piece of defiance that is etched into the four agreements granted to Ruiz by the United States Navy. 5. The second agreement is: “Don`t take anything in person.” How did you take things personally? Do you think other people`s opinions are more important than yours? Do you take it personally if someone disagrees with you? The first time I heard the word “normal,” I had to ask what it meant… In this informative and interactive program, we will re-visit the four chords to help us minimize our limitations and sufferings created by ourselves and dramatically influence the amount of happiness we feel in our lives, regardless of external circumstances. Participants learn how to use it: #1 Agreement: Be irrepressive with your word – #2 Agreement: Don`t take anything personally- #3 Agreement: Don`t Make Assumptions- Agreement #4: Always Do Your Best Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the four chords, takes us to a mystical place where he finds inspiration: Teoticén, Mexico – the ancient city of the pyramids outside Mexico The four chords are based on toltec wisdom,…

Published with permission from Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. Sign up to be informed of special offers and events and receive a free poster. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom is a 1997 self-help book by bests and songwriter Don Miguel Ruiz. 1. In the four agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz introduces the concept of “domestication.” What are the examples of how you were domesticated as a child? If you are a parent, are you aware of how you domesticate your children? 6. The third agreement is: “Don`t make assumptions.” Give some examples of why assumptions can cause so much suffering. Do you think of the most pessimistic scenarios? Welcome to Don Miguel Ruiz`s LitCharts Study Guide To The Four Agreements. LitCharts were created by the original team behind SparkNotes and are the best literary leaders in the world. 4.

The first agreement is: “Be irrepromible with your word.” Can you explain why this agreement is so powerful? Are you aware of the power of your word? What are some of the ways in which they have experienced the strength of the word in your life? 2. Don Miguel says that the human spirit dreams all the time. He dreams when the brain sleeps, and he also dreams when the brain is awake.